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How to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality with Air Duct Cleaning

With the daily tasks and chores that take place in your home, and children prancing around from every corner, the household is one place that receives non-stop activity. Air pollutants can stem from smoking, cooking, cleaning, anywhere indoors and outdoors. Imagine all the countless dirt particles floating around your space, now think about where all the air flows most. Air ducts fall victim to trapping contaminants in the household, consequently, exposing your family to irritants continuously. It is imperative to bring in Home Services North Carolina for a routine check on your air ducts to guarantee fresh and quality air.

Types of Contaminants

As mentioned previously, allergens are found everywhere from outside and inside the household. The most common irritant found in every home is dust. Not only is dust found on top of dressers and TVs, dirt and debris also love to party it up inside your air ducts. Another more consequential contaminant to beware of is fungi and mold. There are times where mold finds its ways into the air ducts of a home. Frequent inspections spots and protects mold from growing in ventilation systems. In worst-case scenarios, filthy air ducts are infested with insects and rodents. All of which could be avoided with frequent air duct cleanings.

Solution: Air Duct Cleaning

Indoor pollution is a growing concern that is attracting more awareness. Air duct cleaning is the only way to improve your homes indoor air quality, thus preventing allergies. A thorough duct cleaning includes all the components of heating and cooling systems. Items such as the supply and return air ducts and registers, as well as the grilles, diffusers, and coils. These systems should only be handled by a professional that follows strict inspection guidelines. Leave your air duct cleaning to Home Services North Carolina.

Ways to Improve Home Air Quality

  1. Change air filters every two to three months
  2. Dust everywhere even in the most inconspicuous spots
  3. Keep floors clean – vacuum and mop frequently
  4. Avoid moisture at all costs
  5. Open windows and doors to let the fresh air in
  6. Avoid smoking tobacco products indoors
  7. Place house plants around the house
  8. Contact Home Services North Carolina for any questions or concerns

Home Services North Carolina is a leading provider of air duct cleaning, mold remediation, crawl space encapsulation, dryer vent cleaning, and attic radiant barriers in North Carolina. Our services are aimed at helping you create a healthy living environment inside your home. For a free five-point healthy home inspection, contact us Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at (919) 872-9088.

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