Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space EncapsulationCrawl Space Encapsulation is a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier aka a water vapor barrier that is put to cover your floors and even the ceilings. This has many perks to it like improving the air quality to more comfortable living conditions, and they help avoid fungi/mold issues. It significantly helps with the air quality of your home and improves the energy of the air. Many people who suffer from mold, mildew, soft or separating floors, wet insulation are usually the ones that considered encapsulating the floors, but you should do this before you get to that point.

Additionally, the crawl space system can help renovate your crawl space into a mold-free, healthier, cleaner and more energy efficient environment by blocking the extra moisture, critters, and humidity from entering your crawl space. It’s tough and extremely durable crawl space liner system, making the temperatures throughout the year more comfortable to handle. Our vapor barrier system has a 25-Year Manufacturer's Warranty and includes an incredibly thick design to prevent rips and tears!

Our experts will inspect your crawl space for any seal air leaks and install high-performance insulation. This will significantly improve your homes comfort and energy efficiency.
Signs of crawl space insulation problems:

• The floor above the crawl space is unpleasantly cold in the wintertime.
• During cold weather, you have no choice but to keep the heat going almost all the time to be comfortable in rooms directly above the crawl space.
• Mice or other pests have taken up residence in fiberglass insulation installed between joists in the crawl space.
• Fiberglass batt insulation has fallen out of place from between floor joists in the crawl space.
• You smell mold or see visible signs of mold in that area.
• You noticed the crawl space is damp.

Many homes have the wrong type of crawl space insulation

If you have an older house there is a good chance that you have fiberglass batt insulation between joists and vent the crawl space so the outside air could circulate beneath the house. The cotton-like material absorbs moisture, gets soggy, compresses and loses R-value. The main advantage of fiberglass insulation is that it is low cost and is negated when the material ceases to perform its main function
As time changed technology has advanced and found that fiberglass can cause many problems because it doesn’t respond well to moist conditions. This is why it is important to get it checked out so you don’t run into problems down the road.